• Officer Dennis Davis Recruiter

    “I am blessed and grateful to have been exposed to many places and diverse cultures around the US. San Antonio has been a special place to me and it is now where I can call my home because of SAPD and the community itself. I am proud to share my story and give inspiration to those that want to achieve greatness and do for those, that cannot do for themselves.”

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  • Officer Sarai Meneses Recruiter

    “This Police department has introduced me to Lifelong friends outside of Work. Prior to joining the Recruitment Detail, I worked Patrol on the East, West and Central side of the city. This department has afforded me help the community in several ways. It’s good to see several women do this job. Growing up I have always paid attention and admired females in this career field.  I’m hoping that in some capacity I can be that for other women and young girls.”

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  • Officer Rickeesia Moore Recruiter

    “It’s awesome when little girls run up to me exited to see an officer who looks like they do. It reminds them not to limit themselves or let themselves be limited by anybody else.”

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  • Officer Carlos Ortiz Recruiter

    “My career with the  San Antonio Police Department has given me opportunity, structure, and the means to build a life for me and my family.”

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    I like the thrill and variety every day. That has grown even more recently with our partnership with the San Antonio Fire Department. We no longer just do police work.

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  • Sergeant Kelly Bender North SAFFE, Former Crime Scene Unit

    Since graduating from the academy in 2003, I have had so many amazing experiences as an officer on patrol, as a detective, in CSI and now as a sergeant at North SAFFE.

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  • Jonathon Walpole K9 Unit

    Before joining the SAPD I was a jailer at a local county jail. While I am grateful for the experience I gained at that position there was little room for advancement, and I could not provide for my family the way I wanted to.

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  • Officer Alisia Pruneda Patrol

    Choosing to join the San Antonio Police Department was a long time life goal. Corporately I worked for a large insurance company and most recently my husband and I opened a Crossfit Gym.

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  • Officer Daniel Oh Patrol

    I am grateful for the opportunity of joining the San Antonio Police Department. As much as I have been able to help others in their time of need, I believe that the career itself has taught me so much more than I have been able to teach anyone else. Every call is a learning experience, and I still have so much to learn and experience.

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