Officer Rickeesia MooreRecruiter

Officer Rickeesia Moore was born on Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Florida, to a military family. As an active-duty family, she and her family had to move to the next base every three years until her father retired in San Antonio after more than twenty years of service.

Because she enjoys the thrill of always challenging herself, Officer Moore joined the US Air Force and served as a Radar Approach Controller for the Euro-NATO-Joint-Jet pilot training program. After separating from the military, she moved back to San Antonio area to be near her immediate family and the military community: San Antonio is truly military city USA!She worked in various hospitals and on local ambulance crews, even holding a position as an EMT for SeaWorld of San Antonio.

Prior to joining SAPD, Officer Moore worked as a kidney dialysis technician. Officer Moore joined the San Antonio Police Department in 2016 and served as a patrol officer on the city’s westside until she transferred over to the SAPD Recruiting Unit in 2021.

“It’s awesome when little girls run up to me exited to see an officer who looks like they do. It reminds them not to limit themselves or let themselves be limited by anybody else.”


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