Officer Dennis DavisRecruiter

I was born in Wetzar, Germany on KirchGoens Base three years after my older sister was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. My parents met in Honolulu, Hawaii while my father was stationed there. As an active-duty family we typically moved every 3 or more years to different duty stations. My father eventually retired after 20 years of service and entered D.O.D on the civilian side at Lackland AFB as a policeman.

We moved to several cities throughout the U.S. and found ourselves in my father’s hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi where we would reside the longest as a family. Before I began High School, we would move again to Laredo Texas. I spent a year in Laredo at (United High School) before moving up to San Antonio. I enrolled at Warren High School and graduated 2011. I was involved in Football, Track, and Karate.

After High School, I continued my education to gain my bachelor’s degree at UTSA. While enrolled there, I worked as a Martial Arts Karate Instructor at a local Dojo for several years. I became a student in Karate at 16 years old and began teaching after reaching the rank of 1stDegree Black Belt. I continued to teach and attend school. I gained an additional job on campus at the UTSA Rec Center. I completed my undergrad in 2016 completed an internship with the U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force. After completing my internship, I applied to become one of San Antonio’s Finest and graduated out of 2016-C.

While on SAPD, I served on South Patrol B Shift for roughly 2 years before applying and interviewing at The Street Crimes Unit. I was accepted at the Street Crimes Unit in December of 2018. After my time at Street Crimes just short of 5 years, I transferred to the RecruitingDetail in September of 2023.

“I am blessed and grateful to have been exposed to many places and diverse cultures around the US. San Antonio has been a special place to me and it is now where I can call my home because of SAPD and the community itself. I am proud to share my story and give inspiration to those that want to achieve greatness and do for those, that cannot do for themselves.”

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