Despite its size — San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the U.S. — San Antonio maintains a small-town charm where people are friendly, family-focused and rally behind their city. San Antonio provides a diverse cultural mix with a number of attractions including sports (home of the World Champion San Antonio Spurs), recreation, shopping and cuisine. Combine those with a beautiful climate and a thriving economy and you’ve got a perfect place to call home.


It seemed bound to happen. Inevitable, really. With San Antonio’s charm and history, culture and size, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the nation “discovered” the Alamo City. First it was Realtor predicting San Antonio’s real estate market was on track to grow faster than both Austin and Houston. Then it was Redfin, which declared three local neighborhoods among the “hottest” for 2022. Now it is Zillow, which named San Antonio among the top 10 hottest housing markets of the year.


Due to the pandemic, this year’s rankings will focus on three-year analyses that showcase campus and district consistency overtime via its Three Year Strong ranking. Overall, in San Antonio, there are 133 high performing schools which are A or B Pandemic Edition Ranked schools: 72 elementary schools, 39 middle schools, and 22 high schools.


This Home Incentive Ownership (HIP) program has available funds to assist with purchaing a home within the boundaries of the City of San Antonio.


San Antonio features a cost of living that’s slightly lower than the national average. Home prices are less than the national average, while renters can secure a two-bedroom apartment for around $1,000 a month. Additionally, San Antonio residents pay slightly less for everyday expenses, such as food and health care, than those who live in other metro areas.

San Antonio offers a better value than similarly sized metro areas when you compare housing costs to median household income.



Move to San Antonio to discover a quality of life that brings new businesses to the area, entices tourists and makes it one of the most livable and desirable cities in the nation. From beautiful weather to moderate cost of living to a strong education market, San Antonio is the place to start, and finish, your career.

Arts Culture

A diverse arts and culture profile including numerous festivals (Fiesta!) and attractions.

Great Weather

Relatively mild weather throughout the year with the average temperature at 69.1 degrees. While are summers are hot, with average temperatures in the 90s in July and August, the remaining months are cool and comfortable.


Growing sports profile, including the San Antonio Spurs (NBA), Silver Stars (WNBA), Rampage (hockey), Scorpions (soccer) and Missions (baseball, Double-A affiliate).


Many biking trails, parks and public golf courses for weekend outings.

Colleges & Universities

Fourteen colleges and universities in the area offering degrees in all major fields of study, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio College and Texas A&M San Antonio.

Eclectic Cuisine

Eclectic cuisine offerings from well-known chefs including John Besh, Stephan Pyles, Jason Dady and Johnny Hernandez.

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