The SAPD would like to thank all military veterans for proudly serving in the United States Armed Forces. You have a great opportunity to continue the professionalism, pride and dedication to service you started in the military by serving the citizens of San Antonio as a police officer.

Your Friends are Already Here

We know that those with military experience transition well into law enforcement. Take a look at the following numbers and see how many have already joined us:

  • Approximately 260 SAPD officers have prior military experience
  • Approximately 104 SAPD officers are retired from a branch of the military
  • Approximately 100 SAPD officers are current reservists or National Guard
  • Approximately 25 SAPD officers are currently activated

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Utilizing Your Military Skills

The skills you learned during your military service, such as leadership, physical and mental toughness, ability to work with others and under pressure, ability to give and follow directions, sense of honor and selfless attitude, can be directly applied to civilian law enforcement.

If you previously served on a special ops team like bomb squad or helicopter, your skills are particularly vital to the SAPD. While your past history does not guarantee you a spot in any of the SAPD’s special units, it does give you an advantage when an opening in one of those units is available — allowing you to continue doing what you love and are good at.

Continued Military Service

San Antonio is home to four major military installations and host to many Guard and Reserve units representing all branches of the Armed Forces. You will find the San Antonio Police Department very supportive should you choose to continue your career in the Guard or Reserve.

The SAPD provides 15 paid military days annually to reservists and guardsmen to perform military duties. Additionally, we recognize that between drill weekends and annual tour requirements additional time may be necessary. As a result, officers can “flex” their days off once a month to line up with drill weekends. This allows you to save your 15 days for annual tour so that you don’t have to use personal leave to complete military duties.

Local Military Medical Services

With four major military installations in the San Antonio area, military retirees, reservists and guardsmen will find the city conveniently located near military medical facilities, military shopping and military sports and recreation facilities.

Talk to a Former Military Police Officer

The SAPD understands that there are specific questions potential military applicants are interested in asking before applying to become a police officer. That is why our recruitment team includes two ex-military members who can provide first-hand testimonials about what it is like to transition to a career with the SAPD.


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