Are you accepting applications?

We are always accepting applications for new cadets. Please refer to our online application to start the hiring process. The process and requirements are posted clearly on our How do I apply page. To apply now click here.

How long does the application process take?

Under normal circumstances, once we accept your application the entire process can take six to eight weeks. However, due to COVID-19 our current application process time is approximately 6 months.

I am a college student interested in law enforcement as a career. Does the SAPD have an internship program?

Yes. Please contact the Recruiting Detail at (210) 207-5050 for more information.

When do I turn in my resume?

A personal resume will not be accepted.

I live more than 100 miles from San Antonio. How many trips will I need to make to complete processing?

You should be prepared to make at least two trips to San Antonio. Your first trip being a two day trip and your second trip being a a three to five day trip.

If I have a TCOLE license, am I required to attend the academy?

You still have to attend the academy; however, you will be exempt from taking the TCOLE exam.

What is the most frequent disqualifier for applicants?

The three most common reasons for disqualification, aside from the written and physical tests, are drug use / experimentation, credit history and employment history. Check the requirements page and download the minimum requirements and suitability factors to make sure you meet all requirements.

When is the next written examination?

We are able to test applicants continuously. As soon as your application is accepted we can schedule you for testing.

What are the benefits and salary for a San Antonio police officer?

The San Antonio Police Department offers competitive salaries and benefits that rival other departments and corporate positions. For more information, review the Pay and Benefits section.

Do I have to pay a fee to attend the academy?

You do not have to pay a fee to attend the San Antonio Police Academy. You receive a salary while attending the academy and receive benefits as a City of San Antonio employee. For more information about the pay and benefits structure, click here.

How long is the San Antonio Police Academy?

The academy is approximately 32 weeks long.

As a cadet will I live at the police academy?

No, our academy is not a live-in academy. You will attend the academy Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (specialized training will be done at night and on weekends).

Can I attend college or work a part time job while attending the academy?

As a condition of employment, you are not allowed to attend college or have a secondary job until you have graduated the academy.

How can I prepare for the physical fitness aspect of the training academy?

We encourage you to maintain a physical fitness regimen that consist of cardio, strength training and endurance. Your workouts should be intense yet customized to your fitness level. Healthy eating habits and proper water consumption are also recommended to properly fuel the body, assist with recovery and added sustained energy. The San Antonio Training Academy utilizes the SAPD Standard Fitness Test which includes 1 minute push-ups, 1 minute sit-ups, vertical jump, 1.5 mile run and a 300 meter sprint. You should strive for 250 points but the minimum passing score is 190. The chart below reflects the requirements based on age and gender.



What are the academic requirements of the training academy?

In order to prepare yourself for the scholastic aspects of the training academy, we recommend you increase your proficiency in reading and writing. While in the training academy you will receive over 1300 training hours and must maintain a minimum grade point average of 80.0%.

I am female. Am I required to cut my hair while in the academy?

No, you are not required to cut your hair. However, you are required to adhere to the standards set forth by the San Antonio Police Academy. The standards currently are no longer than the bottom of the uniform shirt collar and must be of a conservative style and color. The “Pony-tail” hairstyle is an option. Female cadets opting for this type of hairstyle must ensure the hair does not extend more than (3) inches below the top of collar. Hair ornaments which are black, dark navy blue, or tortoise shell in color with no designs or attachments may be worn (similarly colored “scrunchy” type or related elastic hair ties are permissible provided that they are thin in size and shape and worn in professional manner).

Once I graduate where will I be assigned?

All cadets that graduate from the SAPD Academy are sworn in as probationary police officers. Once probationary officers successfully pass a 14-week training period with a field training officer they can be assigned to any service area in the City of San Antonio. Typically, probationary officers are assigned to either the 1400-2200 hours shift (B shift) or the 2200-0600 hours shift (C shift) in the patrol division. Once a probationary officer successfully completes one year on probation he/she may put in to transfer to other areas or assignments. Officers are transferred on a seniority basis. Transfers even for younger officers tend to happen in a reasonable amount of time.

What documents do I need for GI Bill Eligibility?

You will need a VA letter of eligibility.

When do I apply for the for GI Bill benefits?

You will apply during the first couple weeks of the Academy.

What are the benefits of being prior service?

You are authorized to utilize your VA GI Bill benefits while attending the SAPD Academy as well as during your FTO period (3 months) following graduation. The amount of benefit is determined by your eligibility. You will also receive 5 points extra on your written exam (applicants must provide evidence of honorable military service).

How do I test if I am active duty/out of area or overseas?

You will need to visit our testing facilities twice during the application process. Do not apply until you are available to test.

I’m still in the military, when can I apply?

Contact us within 1 year of your ETS and we will advise you of available Academy class dates. We recommend that you apply approximately 4 months prior to the start of the Academy class.

How long does the hiring process take?

Under normal conditions, approximately 8 weeks. However, due to COVID-19 our current application process time is approximately 6 months.

Can I join the Academy while on terminal leave?


Do I need a DD214 to apply?


What type of military discharge is required to apply?

An honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces after at least two (2) years of active military service. Uncharacterized and Entry-Level discharges may be accepted and will be assessed on an individual basis. “General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions” shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Director or his Designee will have the final approval.

What if I am still in the military and do not have a DD214?

You will need a letter from your commander stating your date of separation and a projected type of discharge

If I am or was MP (Military Police) in the military, do I need to attend the entire Academy?


Does my military experience provide me with a better chance of being hired or accepted into other offices within the department?

Military service is a benefit during and after the application process and when applying for specialized units.

Can I still be a member of the National Guard or Reserves during the Academy and as a San Antonio Police Officer?

Yes, as a Cadet you must coordinate with your unit to reschedule any training that conflicts with the Academy. As an officer you will advise your first line leader of your drill/Annual Training schedule.

What are the benefits of being in the National Guard or Reserves?

You will receive 15 days paid military leave. You will also receive 5 points extra on your written exam (applicants must provide evidence of honorable military service). You are authorized to utilize your VA GI Bill benefits while attending the SAPD Academy as well as during your FTO period (3 months) following graduation.

Does my military time count towards SAPD retirement?

No, the SAPD pension system does not buy back military time.

If I have a VA disability rating can I still apply?

Yes, although you still need to meet all requirements of the application process.



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