SAPD Career Benefits

The San Antonio Police Department offers benefits that are competitive with other law enforcement agencies nationwide.


The list below gives ONLY annual base salaries at various ranks. These numbers do not reflect additional monies earned through longevity, education pay, shift differential or other specialty pays. Refer to the pay calculator to get a more accurate pay rate which includes longevity, education pay, shift differential, and all other specialty pay.

Cadet $56,000
Patrol Officer $58,452-$79,620
Detective $81,852-$88,500
Sergeant $92,964-$96,708
Lieutenant $104,112-$108,324
Captain $119,472-$124,284
Deputy Chief $165,372
Assistant Chief $178,596


Basic $50 monthly
Intermediate $160 monthly
Advanced $200 monthly
Masters $240 monthly
Field Training Officer $265 monthly

  • Promotion opportunities
  • Career advancement / specialization opportunities
  • Pension fund ranked one of the best in the nation
  • Incentive pay offerings
  • Excellent medical, dental and optical coverage
  • Paid time off
  • Clothing allowance
  • Potential four-day work week
  • Off-duty employment
  • Family-like culture
  • Job satisfaction / career fulfillment

The SAPD offers many incentive pay opportunities to recognize officers for their individual skills.


In addition to skill-specific incentive pay, the SAPD also provides a number of added benefits to recognize the dedication officers provide to the city of San Antonio.


Health Insurance Health, Dental and Optical insurance for officer and family (premiums paid at 100 percent). Life insurance for officer
Accumulated Leave Vacation, Holiday, Compensatory, Sick, Bonus and Fitness. Military leave is available for reserve component
Leave Conversion The City will buy back / convert in pay or other forms of leave up to 15 unused sick leave days per year
Physical Fitness Administrative leave up to five days annually for maintaining physical condition

Tuition Assistance Program

Officers shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for tuition, fees, on-campus parking and the price of required text(s) at a college or university for course hours in an accredited degree program. Reimbursement shall be made in accordance with the following schedule:

Course Grade Amount of Reimbursement

 Tuition Assistance Program
 Grade % Reimbursement
 A 100%
 B  90%
 C  80%
 D / F  0%

Officers who are enrolled in an accredited college or university and who under an approved college or university master’s or doctorate degree plan are required to complete any course that is not assigned a grade, will upon successful completion of the course, be reimbursed by the City at 100% upon presentation of documentation of payment to the registrar’s office of the college or university at the end of the semester of the required course.

The City shall reimburse bargaining unit employees for tuition under the following circumstances:

  1. The tuition rate will not exceed the tuition rate charged by the UTSA
  2. Such reimbursement for tuition and fees shall only be paid at Texas residency rates;


  1. City tuition reimbursement is secondary to other sources such as grants or scholarships.

Officers who hold Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree or Doctorate shall receive Educational Incentive Pay.

Officers without college or university degrees shall be paid Educational Incentive Pay for college hours earned at the following rates:

65 to 94 college hours $60.00 per month
95 to 124 college hours $90.00 per month
125 to 154 college hours $120.00 per month
155 to 184 college hours $150.00 per month
185 to 214 college hours $180.00 per month
215 to 229 college hours $210.00 per month
230 or more college hours $240.00 per month

Officers with college or university degrees shall be paid Educational Incentive pay at the following rates:

Associate’s Degree $215.00 per month
Bachelor’s Degree $315.00 per month
Master’s Degree $335.00 per month
Doctoral Degree or Equivalent $350.00 per month



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