The SAPD takes pride in its diversified workforce, which includes the hiring of females. The SAPD is currently represented by numerous female officers ranging from one year to more than 30 years of service. You too can join the ranks of the many women who have successfully entered a rewarding career as a San Antonio police officer.

Importance in Policing

Police experts nationwide have long believed that increasing the number of female officers is key to the success of community policing goals. Women can perform all facets of policing as well as their male counterparts, and they also have a natural ability to verbally deescalate volatile situations.

Finding the Perfect fit

Young women and second career women alike find that police work combines diverse challenges, good pay and benefits and the strong appeal of community involvement. All policewomen receive the same training as their male counterparts, which enables them to move into a variety of areas within the department without the barriers often experienced in other occupations.

Talk to a Female Officer

The SAPD understands that there are specific questions potential female applicants are interested in asking before applying to become a police officer. That is why our recruitment team includes two female officers who can provide first-hand testimonials about what it is like to work as a woman in the SAPD.


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