The SAPD features a full-time recruiting staff who is available to answer questions regarding the application process, the academy and life as a police officer.

For questions regarding your application or if you are an agency conducting a background investigation on an applicant please contact Applicant Processing.

  • “My career with the  San Antonio Police Department has given me opportunity, structure, and the means to build a life for me and my family.”

    Officer Carlos Ortiz
    Officer Carlos Ortiz Recruiter
  • "Growing up I have always paid attention and admired females in this career field.  I’m hoping that in some capacity I can be that for other women and young girls."

    Officer Sarai Meneses
    Officer Sarai Meneses Recruiter
  • “I am proud to share my story and give inspiration to those that want to achieve greatness and do for those, that cannot do for themselves.”

    Officer Dennis Davis
    Officer Dennis Davis Recruiter
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