While at the academy, cadets receive health and medical benefits and unlike other police academies, we pay cadets to earn their Peace Officer License. The State of Texas mandates 643 training hours to acquire your TCOLE peace officer license.  At our academy you will earn over 1300 hours of training to earn your peace officer license. The instructors at the academy are actually San Antonio Police Officers.


The San Antonio Police Department is renowned for its diversity and premier training. Our commitment to academics, physical training and skill development is vital to graduating first-class officers.

The 6 Category topics based on the current commission mandated academic hours shall include:

1. Arrest, Search and Seizure

2.  Code of Criminal Procedure

3. Penal Code

4.  Written Communication

5.  Traffic

6. Criminal Investigations

Physical Training

Physical training is rigorous and challenging to prepare the cadet for more advanced training to come and to set a standard of health that will resonate throughout their career with the SAPD. During the first 10-12 weeks of training, cadets can anticipate a minimum of six hours of physical training each week. In the course of a two-hour PT session, cadets will endure running regimens and core workouts as building blocks for more complex training. From weeks 10-20, cadets will learn strategies of defense and methods of arrest to protect themselves and the citizens they serve.

At Week 21-22 all cadets will be tested on the  San Antonio Police Department Fitness Standards Test.  It is a requirement that a minimum score of 190 points is accomplished in order to continue in the police academy.

To better prepare you, we see the biggest challenge for our cadets in the academy is overcoming the demands of our physical training. We want to see you succeed and by understanding what you need to do to prepare for the academy will help you to reach your graduation goals!

Do you want to improve your chances of being better prepared for the SAPD Training Academy? Come workout with Academy Instructors for our PT Readiness Program.  Our instructors will give you insight into the training so you better understand the demand of the academy. You can also expect to connect with fellow applicants and become acclimated to the facility.

Skills Training

As a cadet’s training experience at the San Antonio Police Training Academy is nearing its completion, he or she will experience the block of instruction known as “Skills.” This is a five-and-a-half week block of instruction taught chiefly by three groups of experienced officers assigned to the Firearms, Driving and Tactics details.

This is where our hands on training is synonymous with our Mission Statement, “The San Antonio Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the people we serve. We act with integrity to reduce fear and crime while treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness”.

Cadets learn through reality based training how to apply classroom and practical applications to become guardians of the community they serve.

Academy Grounds

The San Antonio Police Training Academy is a state of the art facility located on 165 acres. The grounds contain an academic building, gymnasium, obstacle course, driving track, handgun and rifle ranges, tactical training village and a running track.

Our Vision statement is, “To be the premier law enforcement agency by building trust, creating partnerships, and sharing leadership within the San Antonio Police Department and the community for a safer San Antonio.”

The SAPD Training Academy is the shining example of that Vision. SAPD hosts thousands of hours of training per cadet class and double the minimum requirements for Texas Peace Officer certifications and updates.



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