The San Antonio Police Academy serves as a resource for police cadets, current SAPD officers and LEOs from many other jurisdictions.  Select an album below to see what our academy looks like and how we train to create an effective law enforcement team.


The San Antonio Police Department is renowned for its diversity and premier training. Our commitment to academics, physical training and skill development is vital to graduating first-class officers.

Physical Training

Physical training is challenging and helps to establish a positive mental attitude and basic physical condition for the advanced training to come. During the first 12 weeks of training, cadets can anticipate a minimum of six hours of physical training each week. In the course of a two-hour PT session, cadets will endure running regimens and CrossFit workouts as building blocks for more complex training. From weeks 8-20, cadets will learn strategies of defense in preparation for tactics training and life-saving skills as a police officer.

Skills Training

As a cadet’s training experience at the San Antonio Police Training Academy is nearing its completion, he or she will experience the block of instruction known as “Skills.” This is a five-and-a-half week block of instruction taught chiefly by three groups of experienced officers assigned to the Firearms, Driving and Tactics details.

Academy Grounds

The Training Academy is a state of the art facility located on 165 acres. The grounds contain an academic building, gymnasium, obstacle course, driving track, firing and rifle ranges, tactical training village and a running track. .



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