Officer Alisia PrunedaPatrol
    C hoosing to join the San Antonio Police Department was a long time life goal. Corporately I worked for a large insurance company and most recently my husband and I opened a Crossfit Gym. Becoming a San Antonio Police Officer is a 2nd career for me and my family and it has been challenging and very rewarding. The opportunity to serve our great city is a high priority and a responsibility I take very seriously. The personal and professional development I gleaned from mentors in my former careers allows me to effectively listen and communicate with our citizens.

    When I began my journey as a Peace Officer it was full of experiences that the Academy Staff and Instructors ensured would be real-life and chalked full of scenarios that required a winning mindset. Graduating from the Police Academy was an achievement. I liken it to anything that would require sacrifice, time and an enormous amount of discipline; realizing that at the end, the product is a ready-to-serve Peace Officer. The San Antonio Police Academy experience delivered.

    I have always been blessed to have the support of my family. I find balance in my work/family life. The officer’s I serve along side have families, some are single and some are toward the end of their policing careers, but our goal is always the same; serve our communities with integrity, compassion and have each others back…ALWAYS! I believe my decision to join the department “later in life” may not be for some, but for those looking for a purpose-driven, opportunity to advance, give back to our communities career then becoming a San Antonio Police Officer is for you.

    I love the physical demands and problem solving opportunities policing offers. I am passionate about health and fitness and find that policing marries my passion well. I have had the opportunity volunteering to read to elementary aged children and share my passion for family, policing and staying safe in their communities. Now that I am on best police department in the state, I have long-term goals to promote. I will continue to be teachable and seek out training opportunities to ensure I am always in the “know.” The leadership from my supervisors inspires me to be my best and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the San Antonio Police Department.

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