T he SAPD is a team, and we have a common goal — to catch the bad guy. As a helicopter pilot, I get a unique angle (literally) to make that happen. It is a completely different world when you are flying. We’re there to assist the police officer on the ground and be an added pair of eyes. We help with patrol, traffic investigations and chases, making each day unique and a new challenge.

    And that’s what I like. I like the thrill and variety every day. That has grown even more recently with our partnership with the San Antonio Fire Department. We no longer just do police work. We help with search and rescue, lowering firemen down to pick up a survivor whether it is in water, on land or off the side of a cliff.

    The Helicopter Detail is a resource to the rest of the police force and really the entire city of San Antonio. That is what the entire force is. We’re here to help — help our community, help save lives and help keep everyone safe. And it is great helping such a friendly and welcoming community like San Antonio. San Antonio is very much a diversified city yet conservative. It’s what you would call a “big city” with a “small town” atmosphere. There is always someone to lend a helping hand.

    From up above, you feel free of all the problems and can really take a serene look at our city. But at the end of the day, I’m here to help. And when that serene day takes a turn for the thrill of the chase or the thrill of helping a person in need, that is when I know I am where I belong.

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