Officer Carlos OrtizRecruiter

I was raised in San Antonio and have lived here most of my life. My mom was a teacher who taught her whole career in the Edgewood Independent School District (poorest district in San Antonio). My father was a police officer for the San Antonio Police Department for 29 years. I was raised with conservative values and a lot of emphasis on staying out of trouble and doing well in school. It’s hard to be raised by a teacher and a police officer.

After attending Holy Cross High School, I attended the University of Texas at Austin and will always be an Orangeblood. Hook’em!!! I moved back to San Antonio in 2002 and worked several jobs but when the housing bubble collapsed in 2007-2008; I found myself applying with the San Antonio Police Department. I have been with the Police Department for 14 years and have worked patrol, Media Services, SAFFE, and now recruiting.

“My career with the  San Antonio Police Department has given me opportunity, structure, and the means to build a life for me and my family.”


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