SAPD Career Benefits

The San Antonio Police Department offers benefits that are competitive with other law enforcement agencies nationwide.


The list below gives ONLY annual base salaries at various ranks. These numbers do not reflect additional monies earned through longevity, education pay, shift differential or other specialty pays. Refer to the pay calculator to get a more accurate pay rate which includes longevity, education pay, shift differential, and all other specialty pay.


Cadet $45,000
Patrol Officer $53,748-$73,224
Detective $75,264-$81,396
Sergeant $85,500-$88,932
Lieutenant $95,748-$99,612
Captain $109,872-$114,300
Deputy Chief $152,076
Assistant Chief $164,244


Basic $50 monthly
Intermediate $160 monthly
Advanced $200 monthly
Masters $240 monthly
Field Training Officer $265 monthly


The SAPD offers many incentive pay opportunities to recognize officers for their individual skills.

Instructor Pay $20 monthly
Language Pay $50 monthly
Drug Recognition Expert $100 monthly
Standby Pay $157 monthly
Helicopter Pay $157 monthly
Peace Officer Certifications Up to $240 monthly
Field Training Officer $265 monthly
Shift Differential $350 monthly
Clothing Allowance $2140.00 annually


In addition to skill-specific incentive pay, the SAPD also provides a number of added benefits to recognize the dedication officers provide to the city of San Antonio.


Health Insurance Health, Dental and Optical insurance for officer and family (premiums paid at 100 percent). Life insurance for officer
Accumulated Leave Vacation, Holiday, Compensatory, Sick, Bonus and Fitness. Military leave is available for reserve component
Leave Conversion The City will buy back / convert in pay or other forms of leave up to 15 unused sick leave days per year
Physical Fitness Administrative leave up to five days annually for maintaining physical condition

  • Promotion opportunities
  • Career advancement / specialization opportunities
  • Pension fund ranked one of the best in the nation
  • Incentive pay offerings
  • Excellent medical, dental and optical coverage
  • Paid time off
  • Clothing allowance
  • Potential four-day work week
  • Off-duty employment
  • Family-like culture
  • Job satisfaction / career fulfillment


Insurance coverage is an important part of your benefits package. Insufficient coverage or poorly designed plans can significantly reduce your total benefits package. You’ll be happy to know that the City of San Antonio provides excellent insurance coverage for Medical, Dental/Vision and Life.

Officers have 2 excellent plans to choose from based off each officer’s personal need and preferences. The first is the Police Value Plan (PVP) that has a low monthly officer contribution and low co-pays. The second is the Police Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), that has a $0 officer contribution with higher co-pays. With the CDHP the city provides a Health Savings Account(HAS) Contribution of $1,500 a year that the officer can use toward heath care related expenses.

Prescription benefits are provided for the officer and his family through the officer’s choice of insurance plan. Many at no or low co-pays for the member.

Monthly Contributions PVP CDHP
Employee Only $0.00 $0.00
EE & Spouse $75.00 $0.00
EE & Children $50.00 $0.00
EE & Family 125.00 $0.00
CO-INSURANCE In Network Out of Network
PVP 20% after deductible 40% after deductible
CDHP 0% after deductible met 0% after deductible met
Individual Deductibles In Network Out of Network
PVP – Individual/Family $500/$1000 $1500/$3000
CDHP – Individual/Family $3000/$6000 $4500/$9000
Individual Out of Pocket Maximum In Network Out of Network
PVP – Individual/Family $1500/$3000 $3000/$6000
CDHP – Individual/Family $3000/$6000 $4500/$9000

*Dental and vision benefits are provided to police officers and their families at no cost to the officer.
*All officers are covered with a life insurance policy equivalent to one year’s salary at no cost to the officer.


The Fire and Police Pension Fund of San Antonio is a defined benefit public pension fund that guarantees retirement security for approximately 6,000 police officers, firefighters and their families — even during periods of economic volatility. At a time when many Americans are concerned about running out of money in retirement, members of the SA Fund remain confident about their futures because, unlike some pension funds across the country, the SA Fund is well-managed and fiscally sound by all industry standards due to its high funding ratio, high mandatory member contribution rate and conservative investment strategies.

The SA Fund‘s defined benefit structure provides benefits based upon the member’s earning history and length of service to the City of San Antonio.

Keep in mind pension benefits are available regardless of age. A 21 year old can retire at 51 with 30 years of service and receive an 86 percent pension for the rest of his or her life. Visit safireandpolicepension for more info.

Pension law indicates officers will be paid according to the following schedule:

YEARS OF SERVICE Percentage of Total Average Salary
20 45%
23 60%
25 70%
27 80%
30 86%



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