B eing a hostage negotiator requires the proper personality, determination and drive. And a lot of training. As with any career with the SAPD, it is important to go through the specific training to work through scenarios and be solidified in your experience so that you can deal with any crisis situation.

    I ended up in hostage negotiation after a varied career with the SAPD. I spent time in patrol, narcotics, sex crimes, family violence and forgery. All of those positions gave me an inside look at how people think, what they say and what they do. All that comes into play with hostage negotiation. You always try to stay a step ahead of the person while ensuring you remain calm.

    I also served in the US Air Force for 20 years and was stationed at Randolph Air Force Base. Coming from a military background the SAPD seemed like a great fit for the skills I gained in the service, including the ability to listen. For those active military looking for an extension of their military career without moving from state to state or out of the country, this is the place to come to. The benefits and pay are great and the life experiences are too. San Antonio is a great place to raise your family, and with several military bases in the city, you have access to all your military benefits.

    And you can show your military pride as well. I serve in the SAPD’s honor guard, meaning I’m able to show every day the pride I have in serving my country. Coming from a military background and a structured environment, transitioning to the SAPD was easy. I’m even more disciplined now and look forward to welcoming even more military servicemen and women to the SAPD.

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