I first joined the SAPD as a civilian employee working as a secretary and an administrative assistant in the chief’s office. During those three months I watched the cadets going through their daily challenges. I knew in my heart that I had finally found a career that was not only challenging, but was what I was about. I knew I was about to face a big challenge in my life. But I was ready.

    I know that for a lot of women, deciding to pursue a career in the police force is difficult. You have to know that this is something you really want. After deciding to apply for the academy, I knew I would have to improve my physical fitness. I lost more than 50 pounds working out on the academy’s grounds, preparing for the physical aspect of being a police officer. It was a challenge but a great one.

    And it prepared me for the academy. The academy was a real eye opener. It made me an even stronger person and taught me that hard work really pays off. That’s what this job takes — dedication, hard work and will.

    Now I am a traffic officer who works on the highways and access roads of the city. This is the first step in what I expect to be a long career with the SAPD. I already have my eye on promoting to detective. The police force is about more than the uniform. People sometimes get so used to referring to cops as those there to arrest you or give traffic citations. We are more than that. We’re out there bettering lives, families and communities. And being a San Antonio police officer has bettered my life.



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