Officer Gregory Hovis #0624Recruiter

Greg was born and raised in Northern California and worked several jobs prior to serving in the US Navy.

Greg was a Naval Aviator in the US Navy Pacific Fleet and piloted the P-3C Orion. The P-3C Orion was an open ocean anti-submarine warfare aircraft that specialized in searching and destroying submarines. Greg left the US Navy after 6 years of service and moved to Texas in 1992.

Greg later joined the San Antonio Department in 1994 and began working the Westside of San Antonio for over 25 years. Greg was a designated rifleman for 14 years and spent 20 years on patrol serving as a Field Training Officer. On his days off, Greg enjoys spending time with his family as well as fixing and modifying mechanical devices.

“I greatly enjoyed working as a patrolman on the streets of San Antonio however, I also found my experiences working as a Field Training Officer in educating new graduates, cadets, college interns and many other observer participants to be very rewarding experience.”

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