16 Week Training
Strong Pension
$7500 Hiring Bonus
  1. Appointments to the position of police cadet are made by the Department Head from the eligibility list.
  2. The Department Head may appoint an applicant to begin an academy training class at a date in the future.
  3. The Department Head may appoint applicants to either the traditional training academy or the modified training academy. Only applicants meeting the modified training academy requirements may be appointed to the modified training academy. Applicants meeting the modified training academy requirements may be appointed to the traditional training academy.

No certification of the list to the Commission prior to processing or appointment shall be required. The Commission shall receive reports on the progress and status of the eligibility list.

Modified Training Academy Requirements
  1. In addition to meeting all other pre-employment eligibility requirements, to be eligible for the modified training academy, an applicant must be currently or recently employed with at least two (2) years active service as a full-time, paid police officer in a patrol function for a municipal, county, and/or state law enforcement agency.
  2. “Recently employed” means that separation from the law enforcement agency at which the applicant was previously employed occurred less than 180 days prior to the time of the submission of an application to the department.
  3. “Active service” means law enforcement experience where the primary duties involve the handling of a full array of police work, including, but not limited to, responding to all types of calls for service (i.e., motor vehicle crashes, civil disputes, family disturbances, property crimes, assaults, etc.). Questions regarding whether an applicant meets the “active service” requirement will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Department Head.
  4. Employment experience with the following types of positions does not qualify for the modified academy: military police, and jailers.
  5. Applicants currently or recently employed by a Texas law enforcement agency must hold a valid and active TCOLE license.
  6. Applicants currently or recently employed by a law enforcement agency other than a Texas law enforcement agency must meet current TCOLE requirements to be licensed as a peace officer in the State of Texas and have passed the TCOLE licensing exam at least two weeks prior to the start of the modified training academy.

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The San Antonio Police Department has a Modified Training Academy for current or prior law enforcement officers who have served at least two years of service as a full-time, paid police officer in a patrol function. Law Enforcement Officers must meet the Modified Academy requirements as well as all pre-employment eligibility requirements and suitability requirements. There is a $7,500 hiring bonus offered to those appointed to the Modified Academy Class.

Applicants are also required to complete all steps in the hiring process. This is not a lateral transfer program but a modified version of academy training. The Modified Training Academy will be approximately 16 weeks compared to a non-TCOLE certified academy which is 32 weeks. Modified Academy Cadets will be required to maintain the same physical and academic standards as required in the traditional academy. Graduates of the Modified Academy will be placed into a Field Training Program after successful completion of the academy.


  • "Being on this department is similar to being on a sports team. We work together for a common goal."

    Officer Shanus Bennett
    Officer Shanus Bennett Recruiter
  • "My law enforcement career has had a series of special achievements and proud moments."

    Officer Yvonne Padilla
    Officer Yvonne Padilla Recruiter
  • "The bottom line, if you want to make a positive impact in the community, you came to the right place."

    Officer Mike Garza
    Officer Mike Garza Recruiter
  • "The San Antonio Police department has given me the opportunity to serve the community that myself and my family call home."

    Officer Matt Bernal
    Officer Matt Bernal Recruiter
  • “Joining SAPD was the culmination of a life long aspiration. I saw an opportunity at SAPD, not only to serve, but to serve and protect the community in which I live and have made my home and raised my children."

    Officer David Higgins
    Officer David Higgins Recruiter

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